Revell colors - proven and perfected for decades

For a detailed and creative painting of a model, the use of colors is one of the most important steps in model making and has a direct effect on the final result. Especially with regard to:

  • the appearance
  • the level of detail
  • the authenticity
  • the originality
  • the durability of the model

Thanks to decades of experience, Revell colors are specially adapted to the requirements of plastic model making so that model makers all over the world can always achieve excellent results. Great importance is attached to ensuring that components, paints and other Revell accessories such as thinners and primers are compatible with each other. This means that everyone, whether beginner or professional, achieves a perfect result and every model becomes a special eye-catcher.


88 colour tones – Made in Germany

The current Revell portfolio comprises 88 different color shades: from basic colors to metallic colors such as silver and gold and special shades such as signal color like Luminous orange. Naturally, Revell color can also be used for airbrush guns when diluted accordingly.

If the right shade for a truly authentic replica of the original is not available, Revell color can be mixed together without any problems. The required mixing ratio is exactly stated in the Revell building instructions for each model.


Tips for beginners:

  • The parts should be thoroughly cleaned from dirt, fingerprints and grease with soapy water before painting. Only then can the paint adhere optimally.
  • Before painting, it should be carefully considered how the part can be held most sensibly. To do this, it should remain in the casting frame or on the casting branch. Revell retaining clips can also be used for this purpose.
  • color can be tested, mixed and compared particularly well on white yoghurt cups
  • Alternatively, a colour test can be made on the inside of the parts that will not be visible later
  • Do not stir the colors with a brush but with toothpicks or similar tools
  • Brush strokes, which are painted slightly overlapping and thus wet-on-wet, produce a more uniform overall picture

Aqua Color – the colors for the beginner

Revell Aqua Color is the water-soluble paint series from Revell. It is odourless, non-flammable and environmentally friendly. This makes the inks particularly suitable for beginners, as they can be painted over after just 60 minutes drying time. After 2 to 3 hours the paint is completely dry.

The colors can be easily diluted with water, mixed and combined as desired, giving model makers even more design options, such as weathering, the artificial ageing of models. Since fresh paint can be easily washed out of brushes and clothes with water, Aqua Color is also very suitable for children. In addition, the paint cans are particularly stable and tilt resistant due to their angular shape. 

Aqua Color Handling

Aqua Color

With Revell Aqua Color Mix and its special drying retarder, all Aqua Color colors can also be applied with an airbrush without any problems.   

Email Color – the colors for the professional

Revell Email Color is the series of synthetic resin varnishes for the modelling professional that has been tried and tested for decades. They produce a colour image that lasts for years and can be used to paint a wide variety of surfaces. In addition to scratch and impact resistance, experienced model builders achieve particularly beautiful gloss effects with these paints. Even on white surfaces, the paints provide excellent coverage and can be painted over after 4 to 6 hours of drying. Complete drying is achieved after 24 hours.    

Email Color Handling

Email Color

All 88 colors are available as Aqua Color (36...) and as Email Color (32...)

Solid gloss

36101/32101 Clear
36104/32104 RAL 9010 White
36107/32107 RAL 9005 Black
36112/32112 RAL 1018 Yellow
36130/32130 RAL 2004 Orange
36131/32131 RAL 3000 Fiery red
36134/32134 Italian Red
36150/32150 RAL 5012 Light blue
36151/32151 RAL 5002 Ultramarine
36152/32152 RAL 5005 Blue
36154/32154 RAL 5022 Night blue
36161/32161 RA6029 Emerald green
36162/32162 RAL 6005 Sea green
36180/32180 RAL 8003 Mud brown

Solid Silk Matt

36301/32301 RAL9010 White
36302/32302 RAL 9005 Black
36310/32310 RAL 1028 Lufthansa Yellow
36312/32312 RAL 1026 Luminous yellow
36314/32314 RAL 1001 Beige
36330/32330 RAL 3000 Fiery red
36331/32331 RAL 3004 Purple red
36332/32332RAL 3026 Luminous red
36350/32350 RAL 5013 Lufthansa blue
36360/32360 RAL 6025 Fern green
36361/32361 RAL 6003 Olive green
36362/32362 RAL 6013 Greyish green
36363/32363RAL 6020 Dark green
36364/32364 RAL 6001 Leaf green
36365/32365 RAL 6000 Patina green
36371/32371 RAL 7035 Light grey
36374/32374 RAL 7001 Grey
36378/32378 RAL 7012 Dark grey
36381/32381 RAL 8025 Brown
36382/32382 RAL8001 Wood brown

Solid metallic

36190/32190 Silver
36191/32191 Steel
36192/32192 Brass
36193/32193 Copper
361 94/32194 Gold
36195/32195 Bronze
36199/32199 Aluminium

Solid Matt

36102/32102 Clear
36105/32105 RAL 9001 White
36106/32106 RAL 9021 Tar black
36108/32108 RAL 9011 Black
36109/32109 RAL 7021 Anthracite
36115/32115 RAL 1017 Yellow
36116/32116 RAL 1024 Sandy yellow
36117/32117 Africa brown
36125/32125 Luminous orange
36135/32135 Flesh
36136/32136 RAL 3002 Carmine red
36137/32137 RAL 3009 Reddish brown
36139/32139 Dark green
36140/32140 Black green
36142/32142 Yellowish olive
36143/32143 Medium grey USAF
36145/32145 RAL 7003 Light olive
36146/32146 RAL 7013 Nato olive
36147/32147 RAL 7005 Mouse grey
36148/32148 RAL 6028 Sea green
36149/32149 Light blue
36155/32155 RAL 6027 Light green
36156/32156 RAL 5000 Blue
36157/32157 RAL 7000 Grey
36159/32159 Sky RAF
36165/32165 RAL 6031 Bronze green
36166/32166 RAL 7010 Olive grey
36167/32167 RAL 7009 Greenish grey
36168/32168 Dark green RAF
36169/32169 RAL 7026 Granite grey
36174/32174 Gunship grey
36175/32175 RAL 7030 Stone grey
36176/32176 Light grey USAF
36177/32177 RAL 7012 Dust grey
36178/32178 RAL 7024 Tank grey
36179/32179 RAL 7031 Greyish blue
36182/32182 Dark earth RAF
36183/32183 Rust
36184/32184 RAL 8027 Leather brown
36185/32185 RAL 8023 Brown
36186/32186 RAL 7008 Olive brown
36187/32187 RAL 7006 Earth brown
36188/32188 RAL 1011 Ochre brown
36189/32189 RAL 1019 Beige


36730/32730 Orange
36731/32731 Red
36752/32752 Blue

Revell Spray Color – perfect result for all

Revell Spray Color are acrylic spray paints that are ready for use directly from the can and without any further accessories. They are particularly suitable for painting large surfaces such as car bodies or hulls. Revell Spray Color in the practical 100 ml spray cans is characterised by its high covering power and scratch resistance and ensures very even surfaces without unsightly brush strokes. In addition to use in plastic model making, the spray paints can also be applied to polycarbonate/lexan bodies from RC model making. 

You can choose from 32 of the most popular Revell shades, which are dry to the touch after about 30 minutes.  

Spray Color Handling

Spray Color

Solid Gloss

34101 Clear
34104 RAL 9010 White
34107 RAL 9005 Black
34112 RAL 1018 Yellow
34131 RAL 3000 Fiery red
34134 Italian Red
34152 RAL 5005 Blue

Solid Silk matt

34301 RAL 9010 White
34302 RAL 9005 Black
34330 RAL 3000 Fiery red
34371 RAL 7035 Light grey
34374 RAL 7001 Grey

Solid Metallic

34190 Silver
34191 Steel
34194 Gold
34199 Aluminium
34200 RBR Blue

Solid Matt

34102 Clear
34105 RAL 9001 White
34108 RAL 9011 Black
34109 RAL 7021 Anthracite
34115 RAL 1017 Yellow
34116 RAL 1024 Sandy yellow
34125Luminous orange
34136 RAL 3002 Carmine red
34146 RAL 7013 Nato olive
34156 RAL 5000 Blue
34157 RAL 7000 Grey
34176 Light grey USAF
34178 RAL 7024 Tank grey
34185 RAL 8023 Brown
34188 RAL 1011 Ochre brown

Aqua Color – Colour sets

The new Aqua Color Paint Sets contain six of the most frequently used colors for building models of a theme area in the practical mini tin (5 ml). This means that beginners can start their fascinating hobby of plastic model making with a small collection of colors.

39074 Sports Car Set 6 x 5 ml

36107 RAL 9005 Black gloss
36109 RAL 7021 Anthracite matt
36134 Italian Red gloss
36199 Aluminium metallic
36302 Black silk matt
36371 Light grey silk matt

39071 Military Aircraft Set 6 x 5 ml

36105 RAL 9001 White matt
36176 Light grey matt
36191 Steel metallic
36109 RAL 7021 Anthracite matt
36190 Silver metallic
36199 Aluminium metallic

39072 Civilian Aircraft Set 6 x 5 ml

36104 RAL 9010 White gloss
36190 Silver metallic
36350 Lufthansa blue silk matt
36109 RAL 7021 Anthracite matt
36199 Aluminium metallic
36371 RAL 7035 Light grey silk matt

39073 Military Ship Set 6 x 5 ml

36109 RAL 7021Anthracite matt
36176 Light grey matt
36371 RAL 7035 Light grey silk matt
36157 Grey matt
36192 Brass metallic
36374 RAL 7001 Grey silk matt

39075 Military Set 6 x 5 ml

36106 Tar black matt
36165 Bronze green matt
36190 Silver metallic
36145 Light olive matt
36184 Leather brown matt
36191 Steel metallic

Accessories specially designed for our Color system

39620 Aqua Color Clean 100 ml

Cleaner Removes dried-on paint residue from brushes and spray guns. Fresh paint residue can easily be removed with water.

39621 AQUA COLOR MIX 100 ml

Thinner and drying delayer Prevent water-based paints from drying too quickly in the spray gun and optimise the airbrush paint application – especially with matt shades. Aqua Color Mix Handling

39622 AQUA COLOR BASIC 25 ml

Primer After filling and sanding your model, we recommend applying a primer before painting.

38370 Pipettes-Set 6 Set

Set of 6 pipettes with ml scale. For precise dosing of paint and paint thinner.

39065 MixinG-Cups  15 Set

Sturdy plastic cups for mixing both small and large amounts of paint. The practical scale with gradations in ml and fl. oz. also simplifies dosing.

39611/-12 COLOR MIX 30 ml/100ml

Thinned with 'Revell Color Mix' this paint can also be used for airbrushing. Color Handling

39614 PAINTA CLEAN 100 ml

Thoroughly clean the brush with REVELL PAINTA CLEAN after the use of paints. Enamel paint can be thinned with REVELL Color Mix.

39804 BASIC COLOR 150 ml

A good coat of primer using 'Revell Basic Color' is the best prerequisite to achieve optimum results with careful paint application.



A super-thin liquid glue applied with the brush integrated in the screw cap.

39602 CONTACTA GLUE 13 g

This glue-gel is applied from a tube. The advantage being that large model parts can be precisely aligned without the glue drying too fast.


Permits exact pinpoint gluing. The needle-fine tip allows micro-precise gluing of tiny details.


A special chrome glue with applicator brush integrated in the lid. It prevents soldering effects and can also be used to glue other materials.


Crystal-clear, aqueous glue for various synthetic materials. Best suited for gluing transparent parts.

39613 CONTACTA Quick 5 g

This is the perfect glue for assembly in seconds. Specially suitable for plastic scale modelling.
The special characteristics of Revell Contacta glue 39613 39601 39602 39604 39606 39609
With plastic welding effect   X X X
Without plastic welding effect X X X
Gel consistency of the glue X
Liquid consistency of the glue X X X X X
Quick-drying X
Lid includes application brush X X X
Needle-fine tip for precise gluing X
Suitable for aligning large parts X
Suitable for gluing small parts X X
Suitable for gluing chrome parts X
Suitable for gluing transparent parts X
Also glues other materials X X


29610 PAINTA Flat Brushes Set

Flat brushes, sizes: 2, 6, 10

29621 PAINTA Standard Brushes Set

Quality brushes, sizes: 00 - 4

39641 - 39648 PAINTA STANDARD

Quality brushes, sizes: 00 - 6

39650 - 39657 PAINTA LUXUS

High-quality marten hair brushes, sizes: 5/0 - 3

39057 Cutting Mat, large

450mm x 300mm VFour-layer cutting mat with self-repairing properties. It protects the work area and its blue, non-reflective surface is easy on the eyes.

39059 Scalpel

Scalpel for precise cutting for model building. Includes 5 replacement blades.

39081 Micro Cutting Plier

Micro side cutter for optimal cutting out of even the most delicate parts.